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Behind the Lens

Florence based but born in Germany at the end of the seventies I discovered photography in the early 2000s as a way of expressing myself and through the last decade it has become my greatest passion.

Luckily, after my University degree in economics in Florence, I started working in one of the most important photo archives in the world which gave me the possibility to transform my passion into work. 


By the time I was so inspired that I became more and more interested in deepening my technical knowledge while training and developing my artistic vision every single day. I've attended different courses and workshops throughout the years, always thriving towards excellence. I've also had the great luck to  collaborate with experienced photographers in different work fields. Each of them taught me in a different way and all of them encouraged me to never give up. Starting from architecture and fashion until the most delicate, emotional and unrepeatable of events...


I still remember the thrill and a kind of fear on my first wedding day! Being a wedding photographer is such a huge responsibility but in a certain way the time shared with you during one of the most important days of your life is precious to me and frequently the closeness of that one day creates a certain bond that lasts through time. A wedding photographer is not just a professional of taking pictures. No, in my vision he's also your assistant, your psychologist, and your friend. You need to trust him and he must be able to catch the essence of what you are, as a single person and also as a couple. That is the challenge and that's what makes me who I am.



My mission: capturing your most beautiful and emotional moments to keep them alive forever


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